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Jimmy Fallon hyped his Bored Ape NFTs on 'The Tonight Show.' Conflict of interest?

In using his huge platform to promote a digital asset he owns, Jimmy Fallon invited uncomfortable questions about the role of celebrity influence in the NFT craze.

His gross fast-food TikToks went viral. But making a living from TikTok isn't easy

Sam Pocker, known by his handle @FastFoodLegend, is a minor celebrity on TikTok for his avant-garde gross-out videos. But chasing social media stardom comes at a cost.

The cost of being TikTok's condiment king, tallied

How hard is it to make money as a social media influencer? Take a peek inside the budget of Sam Pocker, a TikTok artist focused on fast food.

Microsoft will seek to reboot Activision Blizzard's culture after $68.7-billion acquisition

Microsoft would gain access to games such as 'Call of Duty' and 'Candy Crush,' as Activision remains in turmoil over claims of misconduct and unequal pay.

Column: Glasses are still too damn expensive

Online eyewear sites are pushing prices for glasses down. But the markups for most frames and lenses remain exorbitant.

E3, citing Omicron concerns, will not return to Los Angeles this summer

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, will for the third year in a row forgo an in-person event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Remembering John Madden, the video game character

The Madden I know is to football what Mario and Luigi are to New York plumbers. Video games often boast celebrities, but Madden was among the first to lend his name, voice and persona to the medium.

Logan Paul and the elusive quest to build a free-speech platform that's not a cesspool

Logan Paul had one of the biggest megaphones on YouTube and left it behind for a corner of the internet where he can be his full, unrestricted self. But he's been unable to escape thorny questions about the proper limits of online speech.

Column: Thanks to Trump, debt collectors can now email, text and message you

Rules enacted during the Trump administration have finally taken effect, giving debt collectors the ability to reach people via digital means.

A beginner's guide to cryptocurrency

By buying the naming rights to the arena formerly known as Staples Center, shone a national spotlight on the niche field of cryptocurrencies. Here is a guide to the world of bitcoin, digital wallets, smart contracts and other key pieces of the crypto puzzle.

Outbreak at SpaceX yields 132 coronavirus cases; company says number dates to September

The Elon Musk-owned rocket company headquarters has had at least one other outbreak during the pandemic.

Column: Amid holiday scam warnings, I'm contacted by a holiday scammer

Someone purporting to be a SoCal doctor needed my help. He needed me to buy gift cards for a friend. He targeted the wrong guy.

Christmas season is also catfishing season. Don't fall for a romance scam

More Californians report being victimized by romance scams than any other state's residents. Here are some tips to protect yourself from fraudsters.

In 2021, play became a way to think about life

If there's a defining medium of our still-uncertain pandemic age, it's games.

Column: Don't try to reach this robocaller. It doesn't pick up the phone

An L.A. man says he's receiving as many eight calls a day from a telemarketer called Quantum 3 Media. Trying to reach the company is near impossible.

Uber blocks transgender drivers from signing up: 'They didn't believe me'

Uber has mishandled onboarding for transgender and nonbinary drivers, who faced rejected IDs, suspended accounts and safety concerns.

Why 'Halo Infinite' campaign is the franchise's slickest and most fun adventure yet

The space opera fantasy returns in 'Halo Infinite' with Master Chief, a grappling hook, cheesy dialogue and a gorgeous vast world that's pulpy and timeless.

Planned Parenthood L.A. was hacked. What it means, and what you can do

The personal information of about 400,000 Planned Parenthood L.A. patients was compromised by hackers. Here's what you should know, and ways to protect your information and mental health.

'I need my girlfriend off TikTok': How hackers game abuse-reporting systems

Influencers can find fame and fortune on TikTok a but only if their videos stay up. Communities of online trolls and coders say they have tools to keep that from happening.

Is the ports logjam really getting better? The numbers don't tell the whole story

Pointing to a 40% reduction in ships anchored off Los Angeles and Long Beach, port officials say new rules are helping with the supply chain backlog and local air quality. But it all depends what you're counting.

Uber agrees to pay $9-million California settlement on sexual assault reporting failure

The ride-hailing company failed to comply with regulators' demands for information about sexual assault claims by customers and drivers over nearly two years.

Judge orders Google to hand over anti-union strategy documents in retaliation hearing

Labor judge rules that Google was "disingenuous" in asserting attorney-client privilege to withhold documents on its strategy to foil organizing.

A broken supply chain is a moneymaking opportunity. For who? Shipping companies

The logjam at the ports and larger supply chain disruptions have led to record-setting profits for big companies in the logistics business.

Is your Christmas present spying on you? How to assess gifts' privacy risks

As more products come with sensors, microphones and internet connections, the privacy risks grow. Look for these red flags in gifts you buy this holiday season.

Commentary: Activision Blizzard will be forever stained if current leadership stays in place

Activision Blizzard's board seems to be giving CEO Bobby Kotick a pass despite reports that he allowed a toxic workplace culture to fester for years.

Column: At long last, Apple will let you repair your iPhone, but it didn't go far enough

After years of refusing its customers' demands, Apple says you can now repair your own iPhones a but there are limits

Want to glimpse our metaverse future? Theme parks are already on the case

At Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, AR and video game tech projects show the metaverse won't be limited to VR goggles. How physical and digital worlds may merge.

Podcast: Social media's Latino misinformation problem

Meta, Google and other online giants know that disinformation plagues LatinosA a so what will they do about it?

Goodbye, Staples Center. Hello, Arena

The Staples Center will become known as Arena as part of a new 20-year deal between the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange and AEG, owner of the home arena of the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.

Column: She was billed $809 for a boot for her broken foot. Amazon charges $80

A UCLA-affiliated clinic charged more than $800 for a boot to treat a broken foot. The same exact boot can be found on Amazon for about $80.

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